COHMSA has created our own unique planters for Main Street Castleton. Planters are painted with our Meet Me on Main Slogan and placed throughout Main Street at many participating business who help by taking care of the plants during the season. These planters provide a place for beautiful flowers along the sidewalk to beautify the area during the summer and early fall.


Annually each spring COHMSA members and volunteers participate in a spring clean up along Main Street. Individuals pick up litter, remove weeds, sweep, and clean up around trees. This is an effort to show pride in the community where we live and keep the area looking great.

Streetscape Improvements

COHMSA provided additional funding to the the Village towards offseting the purchase of five new trash cans to be placed along Main Street. The DPW replaced the trash cans which detracted from the appearance of Main Street as they had become rusted, and heavily dented through use and exposure to the elements. The new cans should look great on Main Street for years to come.