NY Forward

The NY Forward Program is intended to enliven and strengthen the downtown areas of smaller communities such as villages and towns through transformative community projects.

The Village of Castleton-on-Hudson, supported by the Castleton-on-Hudson Main Street Association is applying to this new state lead program.

The Program Process


Each of the state’s ten REDCs will select either two or three communities from the submitted pool of applications.


Communities that are selected will develop a Strategic Investment Plan with the assistance of a team of professional consultants provided by the state. This plan is the basis for moving forward and implementing transformative community projects.


The NY Forward awards will be used to fund the most effective transformative projects identified in the SIP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How much will communities be awarded by the Regional Economic Councils (REDCs) under the NY Forward initiative?

A. Each REDC will have the option of recommending either two communities for $4.5 million or three communities, one of which will receive $4.5 million and two will receive $2.25 million.

Q. What types of potential projects are within the NY Forward program guidelines?

A. Acceptable projects are focused on prioritizing building renovation and redevelopment as opposed to new construction. Projects are intended to invoke meaningful change that fosters additional growth. An emphasis may be to increase the occupancy of upper-story levels through commercial or housing development. Projects may reinforce the small-town characteristics by enhancing the unique cultural or historical qualities of the local area. Cultural heritage may be highlighted with historic marker signage.

Q. What has Castleton done to participate in this program?

A. The village has submitted a letter of intent (LOI) signaling an interest in applying for the program. Webinars and technical assistance office hours were used during the pre-application process to assist with the application development. Community engagement involved breakout sessions at the community vision workshop and by a survey during the village-wide garage sale. With guidance from the community’s input and insight from the pending comprehensive plan update, an application is to be submitted on September 23, 2022, to the Capital District Regional Economic Development Council.

Q. What is the next step if Castleton is selected by the REDC?

A. Selected communities will develop a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) with the assistance of professional consultants provided through the program. The SIP will incorporate a vision for the downtown along with inspirational projects that are founded on local community outreach and input. This plan will be used to implement the projects and the path of action to achieve the most effective use of the program funding.