Flagpole Fundraiser

We successfully raised funds to purchase and install a 30′ tall flagpole at the crest of Main Street (Approximately across from 24 Main Street).  We needed $3,120 to purchase and install the flagpole.  Donors each provided $100 to make this dream a reality.  

Donors demonstrated that the importance of our Main Street is worth the effort to make this project happen.

Nautical code flags on the side arms spell out the words “WELCOME HOME” greeting all those who pass by Castleton on land and by river.

On Flag Day 2019, a flag pole dedication ceremony was held with elected officials and a WWII veteran singing at the event.

THANK YOU to the following donors:

Michael Hiser
Bob Schmidt & Gina Guilliano
Rhonda VanDeWal/ERC Encounter Group
Carol Stockman
Lisa Samarija
Sue Donnelly
Suzanne Cecala/Kim
Michael Wiley
Joseph Watroba/The Palmer Family
Keegan/Wochinger family
Kevin and Cindy Conley
Tom & Kimberly Tibbitts
Matthew and Maureen Heffner
Prins Agency
Paul Puccio
Bruce Romanchek
Stu & Dianne McKnight
The Store
Castleton Boat Club
Nathan Hans