Join Us

What does it mean to be a MEMBER of the Castleton-on-Hudson Main Street Association? Simply, it is someone who cares enough about the success of Main Street to DONATE time or money to help make Main Street the best it can be.

Our Mission: Castleton-on-Hudson Main Street Association is a positive force dedicated to promoting visible change, economic growth, and community pride.

Visible Change – From the small to the large, our goal is to bring visible, noticeable positive change.

  • Events
  • New streetscapes
  • Beautification projects

Many smaller impactful accomplishments are vital as we move forward to larger ones.

Economic Growth – Like other nearby towns and villages who have experienced revival, Castleton has the potential for attracting new businesses.

  • Main Street is an ideal location for an off-the-beaten-path local business district.
  • With assets like proximity to Albany, award-winning schools, affordable housing, underutilized commercial spaces, a beautiful natural setting, and a welcoming community, we know we have the raw materials needed for success.
  • Restaurants? A brewery? Gift shop? Gallery? So many possibilities.

We believe through concrete steps, the involvement of people with vision, and a commitment to action, we can make it happen.

Community Pride – We can promote community pride by honoring Castleton’s rich past and realizing its enormous future potential.

  • Who doesn’t want to feel proud of their home? To stroll along a vibrant street, greeting fellow citizens? To feel good as out-of-towners see Castleton for the first time?
  • We are creating opportunities for people to get involved and be part of the revival.
  • We can give people an outlet to express the pride they already feel.

With your HELP, together we can promote, encourage, and foster involvement from many community members and organizations.

If any of these ideas get you excited to be part of the positive change we see for Main Street, please join us. Become a MEMBER, volunteer or make a tax deductible DONATION to our organization and help turn dreams into reality.